Luis Portillo


Luis Portillo Camacho, also known in his native Arahal as Luis Pintura, is head chef at the El Pulpejo restaurant and at Catering Luis Portillo. And who better for the job? Luis has always known, from his very first kitchen. Although, like anything that is worthwhile, his path was full of hard work and sacrifice.

This fan of Mortadelo and Filemón left Arahal against his the wishes of his father, who wanted him to be a biologist, and went to Zarautz, where he learned from Arguiñano and other culinary greats. Then he completed his training by working in some of the most prestigious kitchens in Spain, including that of Karlos Arguiñano and those at and , both of which have one Michelin star and three Repsol suns.




Now he’s at the helm of his own project, which is based on a combination of Spanish dishes and market cuisine, with innovative, creative signature touches

He’s shy and calm, but he funnels strength and character into his food to give it the culinary wisdom of the land, La Campiña, and its daring innovation, which he absorbs to perfection thanks to his passion for all things “glocal” and local produce.

The kitchen is his ship and like any good captain, he never abandons it. Not even that time he got second-degree burns and kept on working until the end of service.

Plus, he puts his experience towards teaching and delighting others, you just have to look at the results of his collaboration with .


In any case, there’s no better introduction to this member of (the European Community of Chefs presided over by Pedro Subijana) with a degree in veggies and one of the finalists in Hechos de Talento, than his own dishes.  That’s why we invite you to discover for yourself what Luis Portillo can do when he combines creativity, tradition and the quality of local produce.

Because a chef shouldn’t introduce himself with words, but with flavours.

Don’t just sit there looking at the screen, come discover Luis Portillo.