At Catering Luis Portillo we know how important it is for you to impress your guests and make a good impression, which means it’s essential to work with professionals who can manage the culinary side of things.

Your success is our goal, so we give you the most creative, innovative selection of food from Luis Portillo, a top-notch chef who will create a customised menu for any event with the exclusive touch you deserve.

Thanks to this catering service, clients can enjoy a truly gourmet experience at events in Marbella, Seville, Cordoba and Cadiz.



Inaugurations are your first contact with clients, suppliers and future collaborators.

Presentation has to be impeccable throughout to make the best possible impression, and the food you serve is an essential part of this.

This is why Catering Luis Portillo not only serves a delicious combination of the most innovative signature cuisine and the most traditional regional gastronomy, but also creates a customised menu just for you, with top-quality local produce and guidance throughout the process to make sure selection fits the event. Because you don’t get a second chance to make a delicious first impression.



Cocktail parties are unique events in which sophistication is the order of the day in managing every last detail.  Your celebration takes place in the most exclusive setting and at Catering Luis Portillo we know that each ingredient on your menu has to be chosen and prepared with the utmost care to ensure the success of your event.

But this is our natural habitat, where we do our best work and where Luis Portillo gives free reign to all his experience and innovative capacity.

We design each piece ahead of time, each part of the menu, to make your event a success on every level and we communicate with you throughout the process to infuse your essence into each flavour.   A cocktail party is an introduction that we turn into the best memory.