El Pulpejo isn’t your typical restaurant with the typical food of Seville. El Pulpejo is much more than that, although it is still a restaurant serving traditional food.

Our menu is based around the regional cuisine, but our passion for everything “glocal” is what has inspired us to reinvent tradition from the bottom up.

We select the best produce in the market and use it creatively to make signature dishes.

This way, are a great introduction for newcomers to Arahal into the culinary wisdom of La Campiña and a new point of view for foodies well versed in our popular delights.

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You don’t have to go to the capital to get signature cuisine in Seville.

At El Pulpejo restaurant, Luis Portillo expresses all of the experience he has acquired in the kitchen at numerous top-notch restaurants throughout Spain with overwhelming honesty.

“Glocal” is the perfect term for the concept behind each dish served at El Pulpejo, a personal expression of popular regional cuisine (from the tradition of La Campiña) with touches of innovation and creativity drawn from signature cuisine: a signature cuisine whose culinary excellence is based on local produce and humbleness.




Luis Portillo founded El Pulpejo in 2009, but he wasn’t alone. He had a whole family behind him pushing for his dreams. This is how the adventure began for this family-run tapas bar that combined tradition and innovation through Luis’s signature culinary style, finally allowing him to do what he likes best in Arahal, his hometown and the cradle of his love of food.

The spirit and tapas remain today, but the menu has expanded to include dishes that delight diners, for intimate lunches and dinners, small groups or bigger events like weddings, communions or company meals.

All accompanied by olives and oils from La Campiña.