, just 20 minutes from Seville, has the honour of being the in the world.

The geography of La Campiña envelops this Andalusian town, giving it an unbeatable culinary and cultural setting in which to serve typical cuisine.  A culinary expression that draws from the experience of entire generations working to grow and harvest olive trees, which transform the landscape of the county and make it possible to produce oils, such as and , and world-renowned olives.


The town, set on a hill from which people have watched history unfold for many centuries, marked by the fighting, revolutionary spirit of its inhabitants, sees intense social and commercial movement thanks to its proximity to tourist hubs like Carmona, Osuna, Utrera, Alcalá de Guadaíra and Seville itself.

Its place at the crossroads of all these towns does justice to its name, Arahal, as this comes from the Arabic words Ar- rahal, a stop along the road, a place to stop and regain strength. All of this probably has something to do with its excellent reputation as a culinary centre.



And no wonder, because Arahal is Sevillian culinary tradition at its purest: its tagarninas ‘esparragás’ (Spanish oyster thistle), boneless cod and aceitunas prietas (local black olives) are known throughout Spain. And thanks to the dedication of the whole team at El Pulpejo, the restaurant is now a benchmark in culinary innovation and signature cuisine.

Come visit the town and let us surprise you.

An experience on par with what you would find at the best restaurants in Seville.